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i wish i was her
October 30, 2008, 1:19 pm
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I LOVE Chelsea Lately. That whole week my parents were in St. Louis and I had control of the TV (muahahaha) I watched her show every single night. She cracks me up. And regardless of how you feel, just watch the video, I almost woke Hazel up from my laughing.

And bare (bear?) with me, it’s only another week until the elections and then I promise to keep my (political) opinions to myself… (my fingers are crossed behind my back. HEY! I’m honest about it at least)


October 29, 2008, 11:33 am
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I’ve noticed a severe drop in my page views since I decided to speak my mind about politics.

Not that I blog for the page views. I mean, it’s nice to come on and see that in one 24 hour period 80 people have visited, although they remain anonymous. But I’ve noticed in reading other people’s blogs that they will actually get comments saying things along the lines of “I respectfully unsubscribe from your blog. You should have stayed away from politics”

In my opinion, people are just too touchy. And they get mean or spiteful when you don’t agree with them. Well, no one agrees completely with anyone on the subject of politics…so get over it!


I think I’m making more enemies than friends here. So thank god there is only 6 days left, right? Then we can all get back to blogging about how cute our kids are, and amusing anecdotes that occur in our day to day lives.

I’m getting a jump start.

Hazel’s friend Amelia is only 2 months older than her, and they both share the same size clothes and are about the same length. (Her mother and father are both shorties) But Amelia is far more advanced in physical things, such as reaching for toys, rolling over, scooting on all fours. And oh my god, she loved to hold Hazel’s hand today at their play date.

And she tried sweet potatoes for the first time today. Don’t let her pictures fool you. She was totally posing for the camera. After the first couple bites, she loved the stuff.

Don’t get caught in my spinning vortex
October 28, 2008, 12:00 pm
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Just like Heather, I too do my best blog writing in my head while driving. all though while I was thinking about writing this blog two days ago, I made a mental note to remember just what I wanted to vent about. But, it’s not like it’s hard to forget being bombarded by the same thing every single day.

I found this image using google image search:

I’m not sure where these signs are located, but you obviously get the hint.

Since all of my friends and family are free thinkers, stubborn, and opinionated, I have a hard time believing there would be people out there swayed by an over abundance of political signs.

I’m kind of on the fence about this one…I know that people are free to express their thoughts and political views however they so choose as long as it’s not illegal. But there is a certain sign I see at least 20 of if I drive within a 5 mile radius of my house. And I thought of this blog entry while driving because not only are there signs, there are now bumper stickers as well. And for some reason, this one prop just hits a nerve with everyone, no matter which way you choose to vote on it. (As I type this right now, I hear the ad on TV for it. UGH!)

The only person I know that proudly supports this prop was so hypocritical when I flat out asked him what his reasoning was. He was raised Mormon, so it makes a lot of sense as to why he supports it. His mother also voluntarily goes door to door to registered voters houses to inform them about this prop and why they should vote yes.
Obviously, his opinion is bias, because of his mother. He says, “I don’t care if they’re gay, and I don’t care if they teach it in schools, because it’s not going to TURN kids gay, but I don’t want those HOMOS to get married in my church.” However, later in the day, the issue was brought up again, prompted by the ads on TV and he said “What if Hazel was taught that in school? And then she wanted to marry another girl?” I replied with “Good for her, as long as she’s happy in life, I don’t care who she marries.” It only added fuel to his fire and he spouted off about how she wouldn’t be married in his church. Um, well if I ever get married it would most likely not be in a church, seeing how I only go on Mother’s Day, or Easter, sometimes Christmas.
It just seems to me he couldn’t come up with a solid foundation to build his ideals on.
But in any case, I’m pretty damn sure Hazel won’t convert to Mormonism and decide to get married there, to a woman. If she’s ever interested in a certain religion, she is more than welcome to go visit that church and see how she likes it. My good friend Kasey was Mormon and brought my other good friend Tiana and I with her one Sunday. Little did I know I was going to be there all day. And also be taught at the age of 13 that when I grow up, I am to be married as soon as possible and my only job would be to have the kids, and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN just in case company where to ever casually drop by. I would look like a horrible wife and mother if anything was out of place. Obviously, I rebelled against a lady who’s face I have long forgotten by keeping dishes on my desk, clothes on my floor, and papers, important or not, wherever they may land.

It’s off topic now.

Okay…so my main point of this blog was, really is there truly anyone out there who is or has been swayed by the overwhelming amount of political ads or signs? To me, that just seems like sheer laziness. It’s not that hard to watch the news or research something you plan to vote on.
Also, the other point is: I’m sure as hell not scared to hold back my opinion when it comes to most anything. But putting a sign in your yard makes you a target to vandalism, hate or pointless rants on my blog. Oh yeah, bumper stickers do too.

since 1966
October 25, 2008, 11:06 am
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It was official since Monday. But since we finally opened the doors today to the public, I am no longer a slave to the legal drug dealer Starbucks. I now work for Vans. And I have to say, it’s been a tiresome week, but I already love it. My first day was Monday and when I arrived there, it was just MOUNTAINS of huge boxes containing all of our shoes. We sorted, lifted heavy things, and sweat profusely. The majority of the shoes were all put away by the end of the night. I was incredibly sore the next day. Then on Wednesday, the apparel came in, so we got to work folding, sorting, more heavy boxes, setting up the displays, and Thursday was the same deal. And now today, we did a “soft open” we only opened our doors from 6pm to 8pm and surpassed our expected sales goal in 2 short hours.

I also got a free pair of shoes and a shirt (required uniform)

although after I had already picked out and marked them out, I saw these which I am just going to HAVE to get

if you can’t see, they have diamonds, lipstick, combs, lashes, mirrors, stilettos, lipstick and nail polish.

They have HOLLIE written all over them…in invisible ink of course.

I don’t know how I’m going to save money now working around all this cute stuff I want to buy for myself and all of my family….


If you’re considering voting YES on 8…
October 23, 2008, 12:59 pm
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I’m not telling you to change your mind. And I’ll still be your friend if your political views are different than mine.

But if you’re MARRIED and you want to vote yes, think about how you’d feel if you weren’t allowed to marry the one you love.

And the argument the political ads are coming up with? That your kids will be taught about gay marriage in second grade? COME ON!
Second graders are still afraid of cooties!!!
In all my years in public schooling, I absolutely cannot recall ever learning about marriage! GAY OR STRAIGHT. And if maybe a teacher does talk about it and a child comes home excited he can marry another boy some day, well then it’s inevitable that your son is gay, whether he understands the concept at 6 or 7 years old or not.
Now let’s say you vote yes. And the law gets passed. And years down the road, your son or daughter comes out of the closet, and GASP! you support them and their lifestyle because you love them. And then they find their one true love, a person of the same gender of course…but they can never be married. Because your vote 20 years ago way back in 2008. And you see heart breaking because all they want to do is legally announce their love for each other by becoming a real family. Oops, your bad.

And besides, you should probably consider voting opposite of everything Sarah Palin stands for.

DAMN! I know how to lay the guilt trip on thick.

now i like gossip girl even more
October 22, 2008, 10:29 pm
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October 18, 2008, 12:08 pm
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Hazel did her first spontaneous laugh today. I mean she giggles if I work it out of her by playing or tickling. This time, earlier this evening, she was sitting on my lap and she kept looking at her grandma on the other side of the couch. So I turned Hazel toward my mom and as soon as I picked her up and turned her to look that way, out of nowhere she starts cracking up. And she did not stop…

for. five. minutes.

I was laughing so hard I was crying. I wish we could have gotten that moment on video. Best thing to happen this whole week, for sure.

We never did figure out what was so damn funny.