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December 27, 2008, 3:30 am
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my grandfather who passed away 2 years ago, and i as a baby about 7 months old.

rip, g-pa.
i miss being a little girl and coming over to pick the raspberries growing in your garden.
and sitting at the tv tray table in the living room coloring while you and my dad watched football every saturday after he’d do your yard work.
and wanting to play with your teddy bears that you collected so bad.
and sneaking drinks of your diet pepsi and the carbonation burning my mouth and nose.
and how you smelled of cigarettes and leather. always. even when you quit cause of the cancer.

you are missed.
and loved.


the year is almost gone
December 26, 2008, 12:27 pm
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Where​ did you begin​ 2008?
San Jose, at the Wood’s house. Friends of our family since I was a baby.

What is going​ to be your statu​s by Valen​tine’​s Day 2009?
uhh, hopefully taken? I’ve ALWAYS been single on VDAY. Never had a date or even flowers from a member of the opposite sex.

Did you have to go to the hospi​tal?
only to push a human being out of my body, and all the complications before hand.

Did you have any encou​nters​ with the polic​e?
Just one, when I didn’t fully stop at a stop sign.

Where​ did you go on vacat​ion?
Monterey and Vegas

What did you purch​ase that was over $​500?
HA like I have that kind of money. Never spent that much at one time, but I did buy over the course of the year hundreds of dollars of baby stuff.

Coole​st movie​ you saw this year?
Baby Mama, Forgetting Sara Marshall, Dark Knight.

Did you know anybo​dy who got marri​ed?
Dannie and Brandon :]

Did you know anybo​dy who passe​d away?
Holly Hallock, RIP.

Did you hit anyon​e?​ Did anyon​e hit you?
With a car, no. With my hand, FOORRR SURE. I punch Abby in the leg all the time.

What sport​ing event​s did you atten​d?
High school football, basketball, and soccer

What conce​rts/​shows​ did you go to?
Tegan and Sara! :]

Where​ do you live now?
my house

Descr​ibe your birth​day.
I drove a lot. Picking up friends, dropping them off, ate some dinner, went to a bar with friends.

What’​s the one thing​ you thoug​ht you would​ never​ do but did in 2008?
Had a baby.

What has/​have been your favor​ite momen​t(​s)​?
Most times with my friends are good times.

Any new addit​ions to your famil​y?
My daughter. :]

What was your best month​?
June, December.

Who has been your best drink​ing buddy​?

Made new frien​ds?
Xtina, Kayla, Dannie, Brandon

Favor​ite Night​[​s]​ out?
any night with my girls, and my birthday.

Any regre​ts?

What do you want to chang​e in 2009?
I’d like to be more responsible with my money, move out of my parents house, my relationship status.

On a scale of 1-10 ​how would​ you rate this year?
like a six or seven


Have any life chang​es in 2008?
I’m a mom, so…

Chang​e your hairs​tyle?
Hormones, and cutting and coloring your own hair….makes for a nice big collection of hairstyles.

Get a new job?
Sure did.

Do you have a New Year’​s resol​ution​?
I don’t make promises I can’t keep

Did anyth​ing embar​rassi​ng?
probably, i really don’t get embarrassed anymore.

Get marri​ed or divor​ced?
no sir.

Be hones​t – did you watch​ Ameri​can Idol?
no, never. honestly. hate that show.

Start​ new hobby​?

Be hones​t-​ did you watch​ any carto​ons or disne​y shows​?
dude, always.

Been snowb​oardi​ng?
Abby needs to teach me.

Are you happy​ to see 2008 go?
I’m excited to see what 2009 will bring

Drank​ Starb​ucks in 2008?
I worked there…so….uh.

Last 3 thing​s you purch​ased?
Gas, Arizona tea, xmas presents for Kayla, I was her secret santa.

Been naugh​ty or nice?
nice, actually.

What are you wishi​ng for in 2009?
a great, money making, self sufficient year.

6 months old
December 14, 2008, 12:54 pm
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Dear Hazel,

Six days ago, you turned six months old. You weigh 18 pounds, and you are 27 inches HUGE. When you got your “puppy shots” you didn’t even flinch. I think you liked the nurses hair, because it was frizzy and curly, aka a hot mess, and the same color as Auntie Zoë’s. You kept staring at her, and as she poked you three times, you just laid there, expressionless. Quite a different reaction from the week before when I took you to get your ears pierced. Man, you do not like me holding you down, or strange Chinese women who are shocked about how little hair you have touching you with plastic earring guns.


This letter is coming late because currently, mommy works in retail. Crazy, busy, long hours. When I come home, I’d rather spend time with you than write about you. Someday, when you’re old and have to buy Christmas presents for the people you care about, my only request is that you are patient with the sales associates. They are working their asses off. And there’s no need to get frustrated with them because of the long lines, or them not having something in the size/color/scent/flavor you need. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to mention any of that because being the awesome mom that I am, you’ll be raised right and already know all of that.


So darling, this is your first Christmas. And you’ve already opened some presents. Great-Grandpa Tattoo and Great-Aunties Angela and Elana came to visit last week, and so we opened presents from them. You were more interested in the wrapping paper. I wonder if you think it tastes good because you were shoveling it in your mouth like mommy does with oreo cookies.


Let’s talk for a moment how much catching up you have to do…
When I was 6 months old, I was already sitting up on my own, saying “da-da” (something you really don’t ever have to say if you don’t want to…) and rolling over both ways. You? hmmm. You’re content still only being able to roll from your tummy to your back. You also do this cool little swimming motion, looking much like a fish out of water. But you get a kick out of it and do it all the tiiiime. Your first two teeth are coming in as well. And when you lick your gums with your mouth closed, it’s the most pitiful face I have ever seen. What’s even funnier, you usually do it in people’s faces. The expression on your face says “My mommy beats me.” or “You look scary, get away from me.” The first time you ever made that face was sitting on Santa’s lap. But being the absent minded person I am, I left the very first pictures with Santa at a restaurant and they “lost” them. So we went to a different mall to see a better Santa, and you agreed with my decision.



must. brag. about. my. cute. adorable. baby.
December 5, 2008, 1:29 pm
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stupidity runs amok in this town
December 4, 2008, 1:38 am
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First of all, I started this blog entry with amok being spelled “amuck” uhhh, seems right. It’s not, I googled it and I guess I myself fit in the stupidity category I’m creating.

Yesterday, at Starbucks, before Hazel and I started on our errands for the day, I went to my old store to visit and get a Salted Caramel Espresso Truffle (YUM!) There’s this new girl working. Never seen her before in my life. Maybe she’s from a different store, or just caught on quickly because she made my drink and it was perfect. Anyways, she asks me if I have curly hair. And for whatever reason, I totally did not see this one coming.

-So do you have curly hair?
No, uhh, sometimes I wear it wavy or loose curls…(a really awkward response..)
-Don’t you go to Sierra High school?
No, (pointing to my baby) I’m an adult. And I graduated ’05
-There was this girl that came in the other day with a woman named Lori. They both look like you so much!
(my ex-coworkers are giving her the crazy eye by this point)
My sister Zoe has really curly hair. She’s 16 and she was most likely in here with my mom. Laura. And yea, we do kind of look a like. You know, DNA and all that has something to do with it.

Cuteness Update
December 3, 2008, 1:29 pm
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I’ve had a nice, non-weekend break so far. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off. SCORE!

Which means, more mommy/Hazel time. Can I just say that’s she’s been pleasantly more cuter with each passing day? I know I will be doing my letter to her in a few days. But since I plan to actually print those out and do something cute like, decorate a notebook and put all those in there to give to her on a special day or a birthday, but I have to update so I don’t forget.

Yesterday (being Monday) we had a lazy day around the house. Just playing and napping mostly. Until Dannie was off work and we met up with her to pick up her wedding photos and then head over to the mall where I put holes in my daughter’s head. Soon she will have enough to drain spaghetti if she’s anything like her dang rebellious mother. But until then, it’s just some cute little earrings. I have to say I was in SHOCK when the woman who was well into her 50’s working at a pre-teen jewelery store asked if I had shaved her head. I was caught off guard because of all the stupid questions I have ever heard in my life regarding babies, I have never heard that one. So I answered with a hasty “NO! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?” and she kind of shrugged her shoulders and walked away. I now know that Hispanics like to do so and then supposedly smear tomato paste on the infants head to make the hair grow. Uhh, I’m wondering if Hispanics are blind because no offense, but their babies come out looking as hairy as monkeys. And just so we’re clear, Hazel does have hair. It may be light blonde and very very short, but it’s there. She has enough that it gets nappy and matted if I don’t brush it. So IN YOUR FACE WEIRD OLDER LADY.

Okay, so back-tracking, Hazel met Santa yesterday. She was not happy, she was making big huge “boo-boo” faces. After about 8 or 9 shots, the photographer decided he finally got one…she was only smirking. Could not get a smile out of that poor child. So after Santa, and the piercing of the ears, Dannie, Hazel, and I walked over to CPK or California Pizza Kitchen. And totally chowed down, and Hazel licked the salt off of chips. Dannie asked to see the pictures of Hazel and Santa and guess what idiot of a mother didn’t put them back into her purse? This one. Yup. 20 dollars plus tax down the drain. Sweet. I called the restaurant when I got home and they claimed to have not seen them. They weren’t in my car or Dannie’s. No where to be found. So this morning, after our WIC appointment, we ventured off to the mall so I could buy some long sleeved shirts (I sold or donated all my old ones when I was big and fat and pregnant to make room for baby clothes in my closet) and some scarves and retake a Santa picture. This time she LOVED it. They were laughing and having a great old time. Especially when the photographer brought out the Eva toy from Wall-E. Let me tell you, the kid loves Wall-E. Almost as much as she loves Sesame Street. I held on to those effing pictures for dear life. No way in hell am I wasting another twenty dollars! So here is Santa, take two


aaah I know right? So cute.

Tomorrow looks like it will be another lazy day. Looking forward to it! :]