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walkup films
February 18, 2009, 12:28 pm
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He may be only a junior in highschool, but this kid, Jon Walkup, is loaded with incredible talent. He makes movies, which started as a hobby. But it’s now what he wants to do with his life. Every time I talk to him he always says, “Hollie, when I’m 18, you and Hazel and I are all moving to L.A. and I’m going to become a famous movie director and we’re going to get married and be hella rich.”

He’s currently working on his first full length feature. He keeps telling me I can have a part in it. We’ll see….

Support one of my best friends and his dream to make it big in Hollywood one day.


this is why i hate the news
February 11, 2009, 1:52 pm
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Leave the woman alone.

There are more selfish, horrible people out there.

Seriously, live your own life, worry about your own children.

If the people who are making her story a big deal REALLY CARE… donate to her fund. And say a prayer.

If she’s that bad at this whole mom thing, obviously CPS has their eye on her, I’m sure the kids will be okay.

8 Months
February 8, 2009, 11:57 am
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Dear Hazel,

Today you are 8 months old. So many things happened in the month of January it feels like it’s been 8 years. Mommy has been stretching herself a little thin between working, friends, and family. So forgive me if I forget to mention something of importance…your mother is a hot mess who recently stopped straightening her hair because it saves 10 whole minutes of time in her day. I have yet to fold the basket of laundry that has taken up residence in the middle of our shared bedroom. I won’t tell you that it’s been there for 8 or 9 days now. And the clothes on our floor get kicked into the closet into a pile almost as tall as my dresser. I won’t be surprised when you’re a few years older and begin to have night terrors about a dirty laundry monster coming to collect your soul. I am not the tidiest person to share a room with. My car is even worse. No wonder you recently decided to scream your head off for the entire length of any car ride. Thanks for that by the way. I hated being able to hear.


January wasn’t just crazy busy for me, you my darling had your first cold, brought on by your first tooth. You started to eat hard foods, like biscuts and toats and banana cookies. Last week I started you on stage 3 baby barf food. No seriously, it looks like real meals…just chewed, swallowed, and up-chucked. However, you also enjoy it when we go out to eat, I’ll order wedge fries and cut them open to feed you the un-fried potato part. And if anyone orders anything that has sauce, like spaghetti, or the spread In and Out uses on their burgers…it’s ON! You will challenge that person a dual to the death using only your single tooth.



You’re a mover and a shaker. You have yet to crawl, however I am the meanest mommy in town and I prop you up on your knees and hold you in place so you get used to the feeling. When you’re on your tummy, you do this “swimming” motion and if you’re trying to go forward to get to a toy, you actually end up swimming backwards. Aunties get a kick out of it. I get a kick out of you taking off your own diaper. The other morning, I was changing you out of your PJs and into play clothes. After I changed your diaper, I left you on the floor to go get something for you to wear. I come back not even 2 minutes later…and there you are, totally naked, gnawing on your diaper, and waving it in the air as if to say “VICTORY!”



Something else that’s new. Every Monday from last week on, is a 9 hour long playdate with Amelia! Man, you two wear  eachother out. But it’s nice how you take turns eating and pooping and sleeping. It’s never a dull moment.


Next month you will be 9 months old and it will also be G-ma’s birthday. Have fun with that one. You two can fight over the cake.