That’s What She Said!

November 12, 2008, 12:30 pm
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So at work tonight, I was ringing a woman and her daughter up. Before I repeat the conversation, I have to say that she looked to be about in her mid-thirties, her daughter looked somewhere around 11-13. By no means did the woman look too conservative or “out of the loop” but who knows… maybe she was raised amish.

As I’m handing this woman’s change and receipt back to her…

Woman: Can I see the inside of your arm..?

Me: Sure…holli(motioning like a dork with my two fingers and a strand of my hair..) I’m a hairstylist. (I have to say that right away because people ALWAYS ask why I have scissors. Sometimes even people who I have done their hair before.)


Me: uhm…? (Thinking is she serious?) Yes, it’s very real.

Woman: What about those roses?

Me: (with just a SMIDGE of sarcasm) You know, I’m not too sure. I mean, they’ve been there for an awfully long time. They’re either real or that some really good permanent marker…

Woman: WOW! Did it hurt?

(woman’s daughter now rolling her eyes are starting to wander towards the door)

Me: Yes, all tattoos hurt. That’s what makes them so special.

Woman: They didn’t give you any anesthesia? Or like, a numbing shot?

Me: No…tattoo artists are not doctors, they can’t legally do that. (Seeing her brimming with OODLES of more annoying questions…) Well, have an AWESOME night ladies…. CAN I HELP THE NEXT CUSTOMER IN LINE!?!?

Hmm, and here I thought tattoos were more popular now-a-days. Didn’t think my arm would be molested like that…uhh..ever.

I wonder what she would have done or said if I was wearing a shirt in which you could see my chest tattoo?



since 1966
October 25, 2008, 11:06 am
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It was official since Monday. But since we finally opened the doors today to the public, I am no longer a slave to the legal drug dealer Starbucks. I now work for Vans. And I have to say, it’s been a tiresome week, but I already love it. My first day was Monday and when I arrived there, it was just MOUNTAINS of huge boxes containing all of our shoes. We sorted, lifted heavy things, and sweat profusely. The majority of the shoes were all put away by the end of the night. I was incredibly sore the next day. Then on Wednesday, the apparel came in, so we got to work folding, sorting, more heavy boxes, setting up the displays, and Thursday was the same deal. And now today, we did a “soft open” we only opened our doors from 6pm to 8pm and surpassed our expected sales goal in 2 short hours.

I also got a free pair of shoes and a shirt (required uniform)

although after I had already picked out and marked them out, I saw these which I am just going to HAVE to get

if you can’t see, they have diamonds, lipstick, combs, lashes, mirrors, stilettos, lipstick and nail polish.

They have HOLLIE written all over them…in invisible ink of course.

I don’t know how I’m going to save money now working around all this cute stuff I want to buy for myself and all of my family….